I ordered two of the same products and they are not identical

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It's not necessarily a mistake, it's what we call size tolerance.

⁠Size tolerance is the difference in measurement between our technical manufacturing file and the final product, that we allow.


  • During production, not all materials react to different dyeing processes in the same way. When that happens, sizes may vary between colours (between 1 or 2cm). Dyeing darker colours may shrink the material a little more than lighter colours, because we heat the dye at a higher temperature so that it penetrates deeper into the fiber ⁠⁠so it holds up better.

  • Fabric is a flexible material. So to make sure it stays the same and doesn't shrink, we let the fabric rest between 24 to 48 hours before cutting it with the pattern. But this rest time is not an exact science.

  • Most of the time, fabrics and products are made by real people. Not robots. And to err is human.

These are three reasons why sometimes two of the same products don't have exactly the same measurements.

You can of course exchange your item but there's no guarantee that it’ll be any different with the replacement. Or you can return it for a refund if you really don't want to keep your product. You can find our return guide here and request a return right here (you can change the language in the top right corner).

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