My item doesn’t size exactly like it says in the size guide

Updated 1 month ago by Flora

This can happen, we’re talking about textiles after all. There’s always an agreed tolerance when making clothes which can lead to small variations in sizing between our technical specs and the final garment made. This is because of the different stages that a garment goes through when it is made:

  1. The dyeing process: the greater the temperature of the fabric, the better the colour fixes to the textile. Depending on the colour this process varies and affects the textile in different ways. In general, darker colours are more prone to shrink textiles during this process than lighter ones.
  2. The fabric: all fabrics respond to their environment and how they are handled. To ensure that they are as stable as possible they are left to “relax” for 24-48h. It’s an effective technique but not exactly a precise science.
  3. And lastly: the human factor. Most of the time, our garments are made by people and not robots. That’s right - good old human error. Best to be forgiving and find a solution.

If you can’t wear it or feel that you wouldn’t wear it, please return it to us, click here for instructions.

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